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Tastes Newsletter July 2009: Summer Barbecue, Kid-Friendly Restaurants, and Summer Travel

Dear Reader,

Summer has arrived, the season of traveling and barbecue.  Don’t fire up the grill until you’ve checked out the latest in barbecue products, tools, and books. You can buy Stubb’s Original Bar-B-Q Sauce at the supermarket, or follow the recipe we provide for “Mutha Sauce” from the book, Dinosaur Bar-B- Que. Wash it down with one of our Top 10 Barbecue Wines, or enjoy our Top 10 Rosés. If you’d rather let someone else sweat over hot coals, check out the Top Barbecue Restaurants near you, and Top 10 Barbecue Restaurants in the U.S. If the children are around, consult our lists of the Best Kid-Friendly Restaurants near you. Whether in your neighborhood or miles from home, you can always read restaurant reviews and book a table at GAYOT.com.

Hitting the road? Why not don your new Tag Heuer Sunglasses and take a spin in one of our Top 10 Convertibles like the brand new Lexus IS250c? We have lots of travel information to make the most of your getaway. Our 72-hour vacation articles span the globe, including Wales, Portland, California’s Newport Beach, and Washington, D.C. where you can drop in on the First Family. If you’re worried about the world’s energy reserves, check in to one of our Top 10 Green Hotels in the U.S. If you’re worried about your own energy levels, a visit to one of the Top 10 Destination Spas in the U.S. is sure to recharge your batteries, or  take the kids to one of our Top 10 Family Resorts. Read our profile of the The Grand Del Mar Spa outside of San Diego, the Hotel Plaza Athenee in New York, or the Southern Ocean Lodge on Kangaroo Island, Australia. Then, you can use the Gayot Travel Agency to book a room anywhere you want to go.  

If you’re staying home, you can still expand your horizons by reading up on Miracle Fruit, the West African berry that makes sour foods taste sweet. Or rent one of our Top 10 Westerns. There’s plenty more we have for you online, including July’s culinary events calendar, restaurant ratings, thousands of hotel reviews, and our blog, but we also want to hear from you. Post a comment on our forum, or review a restaurant or hotel on our site for our millions of visitors to read. And don’t forget to visit us on http://www.gayot.com/images/facebookicon.jpgFacebook and Twitter.

Enjoy your summer!

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June 30, 2009
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Complexity, recession stall functional foods sales

Complexity, recession stall functional foods sales What's a functional food consumer to think when the popular Cheerios brand hears from the FDA that it may need an approved new drug application to keep its longstanding claim "clinically proven to lower cholesterol?"

Sure, whole grain oats have long been associated with reduced risk of coronary heart disease (21 CFR 101.81). Remember Quaker Oats was the pioneer. But now it's time for FDA to talk with General Mills, the maker of Cheerios, and other food manufacturers about the evidence-based claims they can place on their labels.

Consumer uptake of functional foods has been stalled by the over-promise and under-delivery by certain brands in spreads, dairy, snacks and beverages, to name a few. Now comes added confusion because one of the brands people found easy to believe in faces a labeling challenge under the current team of FDA officials.

Here's our SupermarketGuru.com take on the concept of functional foods overall: The idea that we could create foods that prevent or cure disease hasn't performed to full potential because the foods haven't been functional enough to make a difference. One example: we feel the claims by spreads that they reduce cholesterol might be somewhat unrealistic because the regimen would require multiple portions a day over the long-term, and that's not the way people routinely eat. Flavored chews do make it easier to consume the beneficial plant stanol esters, but we believe this still requires a lot of meal and snack planning. Moreover, if truly committed consumers forgo their (possibly expensive) medications in favor of the spread, this could pose a health risk.

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Food Sense
Sprout Baby

Sprout Baby The brainchild of parents and professionals, SproutBaby.com (motto: Love your baby. Love the Planet.) is a comprehensive, eco-conscious, e-commerce and social shopping network. Centered on making mindful decisions about the products parents choose to put on, in and around their children and families, the site promotes organic foods and products while providing expert opinions from professionals in pertinent parenting fields. We talked to Jody Sherman, CEO and co-founder of SproutBaby.com, about the role a business can play in helping to cultivate a healthy generation of children.

How did you come to form SproutBaby.com?

Sproutbaby.com was born out of a desire to make healthy shopping a little bit easier on parents. The SproutBaby team is a small group of parents, aunts and uncles who saw a need within their own families for a single place that made it easy to make good, healthy choices; a place where all the products are authentically good and easy to access and where like-minded people could connect about being parents.

Have you been able to merge commerce with sustainable business practices?

Absolutely. From our shipping to our "meetings," we live up to our green philosophy. Most of our communications take place via email, conference calls and Skype, so we have reduced our potential footprint by limiting the amount of driving and flying it would take for us to meet "face-to-face" on a regular basis. We ship our inventory in boxes made from recycled cardboard or whenever possible, from recycled boxes. Also, our packing peanuts are biodegradable and recyclable. If our customers compost, we encourage the peanuts to be composted, but they can also be planted, recycled or reused. And most importantly, each member of the team practices sustainable living, and that is inevitably brought to the business through our group conscience.

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    Monday, June 29, 2009

    All-American Recipes, Plus Dressed-Up Dogs

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    Food Network
    June 29, 2009
    Home | Recipes & Cooking | Shows | Chefs
    Ina's Flag Cake
    Plan the ultimate feast this 4th with an all-American spread.
    Dressed Up Dogs
    Fourth of July Cocktail
    Add new life to an old dog: spice it up with one of our favorite recipes.
    Paula’s Top Crab Recipes
    Crab Cakes with Lemon-Dill Sauce
    Prep your crab restaurant-style with a little help from Paula.
    Produce Primetime
    Green Bean and Egg Salad with Goat Cheese Dressing
    Take advantage of fresh market produce with recipes for:
    What to Watch
    The Next Food Network Star
    The Next Food Network Star
    Teddy defends his integrity and has a parting message for the judges. For this and more on Food Network's search for a star, visit foodnetwork.com/STAR now! Find out who goes home next, Sunday at 9pm/8c.
    Who would you have eliminated? Tell us and you could win big in the Vote and Win Sweepstakes.
    Inside Food Network
    Get fresh summer recipes from the latest issue of Food Network Magazine
    Check out great summer
    recipes from the new issue of Food Network Magazine, on newsstands July 7.
    And Don't Forget to Check Out ...
    NYC Wine and Food Festival

    See your favorite Food Network stars at the Food Network Southern Food & Wine Festival, July 31 - August 2.

    Summer Entertaining Picks from Food Network Store

    Big Boy Portable Grill by Jamie Oliver

    Barefoot Contessa Lemon Bar Mix, Set of 2
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