Friday, October 21, 2016

Cellular Agriculture May Just Be The Next Big Thing

Cellular Agriculture May Just Be The Next Big Thing, Whole Foods in Chicago, Coke and Pepsi Fund Health Studies, Addictive Foods, Nature's Path Qi'a Superflakes Coconut Chia is MY PICK OF THE WEEK!

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October 21, 2016

Perfect Day might be a food company you have never heard of, but you will. They are part of a movement we have been talking about: Cellular Agriculture.

These companies fall under the category of cellular agriculture that use genetically engineered yeasts that have been ‘programmed’ to produce proteins and other ingredients found in plants or animals on an industrial scale without harming any animals and with considerably less impact on the environment. 

In an interview with FoodNavigator-USA Perfect Day’s co-founder and CEO Ryan Pandya said, “We want to make a goldilocks product that has all the nutritional benefits of cow’s milk but none of the compromises.” 


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Whole Foods in Chicago, Coke and Pepsi Fund Health Studies, Addictive Foods
This week we talk about Whole Foods goal in opening a store in a low-income neighborhood on the south side of Chicago. Why health organizations took large sums of sponsorship money from soda giants. And there are 13 foods researchers say can be as addictive as drugs. 

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Would you eat insects?
Insects have been hailed as the sustainable protein source of the future. Although they are common food sources in other places around the world, US food companies are just getting into the business. Ounce for ounce, insects are more nutritious than beef, with more protein, magnesium and even more iron. SupermarketGuru wants to know if you are ready for insects as an ingredient in your food.
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OLOMOMO Applewood Smoked Cashews is MY PICK OF THE WEEK!
They say that Olomomo is the monkey god of adventure. I really don't know if that is true, but what I can tell you is these cashews are delicious and if you like smoke flavor you will absolutely love these. Watch my full review.
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