Thursday, October 27, 2016

Talk the food-safety walk, 6 ways to build your allergy-free reputation

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Ecolab: Talk the food-safety walk

Make customers aware of measures you take to keep them safe

Grocerants aiming to maximize customer confidence in their food-safety practices must message about the steps they take.

So advises Tom Ford, Vice President-Food Safety, Ecolab, who recently toured two prominent U.S. retailers with European food safety experts to see how these stores communicated their efforts. They agreed, disappointedly, that they “missed opportunities and lacked visibility” – one relying only on a package label and the other on limited signs.

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Why halal is a big deal to millennials

It's not just Muslims buying certified halal

Halal is an Arabic word that means permissible, and it is typically used to describe what foods are acceptable to eat for MuslimsProperly prepared halal meats must come from animals that are healthy when they are slaughtered. The slaughter must take place in a specific manner that includes draining all of the animal's blood. Many people confuse kosher with halal as they are similar – but different. Halal is often used to describe Islamic dietary laws, but it can be used to refer to anything in the world permitted by Islam. Halal forbids all alcohol consumption while kosher allows the consumption of alcohols that are certified to be kosher. Some seafood such as shellfish that has lived its entire life in the water is allowed in halal, while shellfish is forbidden in kosher.

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Q&A profile – Richard Allardyce, Sobeys

Foodservice@Retail: Grocerants interviewed Richard Allardyce, Senior Director – Merchandising and Commercial Programs – Kitchen at Sobeys, Mississauga, Ontario, operator of 1,500+ stores in every province in Canada. All four of Sobeys full-service formats run grocerants in a variety of culinary themes and sizes that average 30 seats; the discount format has none. Recipes mostly originate with a national head office culinary team and are influenced by in-store chefs across Canada.

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6 ways to build your allergy-free reputation: IDDBA report

Customers facing high health stakes are cautious

Food allergies are on the rise among U.S. children and adults, say Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and Stanford University. So grocerant operators need to responsibly manage their recipe ingredients, and convey with great clarity if any of their products could contain even traces of the eight most common allergenic foods: 

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More conference, hotel and grocerant program details will be coming soon. This Foodservice@Retail event is a growing part of the bustling NRA Show that runs in McCormick Place from May 20-23.

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May 21-24, 2016


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