Thursday, October 27, 2016

Who Needs A Drone When You Have A Cow?

Who Needs A Drone When You Have A Cow?, Apples for All Tastes, Wise Potato Chips Beef Barbacoa Tacos is a HIT!

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October 27, 2016

The Smoky Mountain Pizzeria Grill joined forces with United Dairymen of Idaho and Lola the cow.

This month is National Pizza Month, who knew? But this year instead of the Smoky Mountain Pizzeria Grill posting a sign commemorating the event or even offering a money saving special on deliveries, they joined forces with United Dairymen of Idaho and Lola the cow. 

These folks know their marketing!

Smoky Mountain has eight locations in Idaho and one in Utah, and all of them exclusively use Idaho cheese in the three-cheese blend that tops their pizzas. They are committed to their fellow Idaho-businesses.

Apples for All Tastes
Apples are a super nutritious fruit, that are part of many of our everyday routines - find out about all the different varieties and health benefits here.

Apples grow in every state in the continental US and apple season is in full swing! All apples are rich in fiber and potassium. The skin, or peel of the apple contains polyphenols which are cancer-fighting antioxidants. Apples contain quercetin, also found in onions, which is a flavonoid which has demonstrated an ability to lower the risk of pancreatic cancer. And research has found that consuming apples helped to prevent buildup of plaque in the arteries of animals.

Phil's food reviews
Wise Potato Chips Beef Barbacoa Tacos is a HIT!
Just love how food truck chefs are inspiring new flavors, and how the big brands are partnering with them! These actually do taste like beef barbacoa! Actually taste more like that than potato chips. Nice spice, not greasy and not salty tasting. Watch my full review.
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