Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Is This the Death Knell for Food Delivery?

Is This the Death Knell for Uber Food Delivery?, Prepare for More Food Delivery as Political Unrest Continues

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November 15,  2016

Uber announced that it is adding yet another new feature to Uber EATS.

Sometimes we just don’t know when to stop, or when we are about to destroy a growing trend. Uber announced that it is adding yet another new feature to Uber EATS – surge charges based on the time of day and how busy are deliveries to your order. It’s a signal to supermarkets and restaurants alike to be in tune with their customers. 

I would never have expected this – especially since around the country taxis and car services have effectively fought back against the Uber phenomena by advertising “no surge charges.” And that in certain cities across the US, and especially in London, England, which we have reported on before, Uber EATS is struggling to make money and gain customers as they continue to give away food to get people to try the service and offer free food if the delivery is late. 

Prepare for More Food Delivery as Political Unrest Continues
Avoiding the outside world, consumers take advantage of food delivery.

Since last Tuesday’s election results, it appears as if the country has emotionally erupted with one half of voters taking it to the streets in protests from big cities to small and the other half satisfied with the results, but angered by the reaction of Clinton supporters. 

What's the impact on your food delivery grocery business? It could be a boon to sales as more people decide to stay home, both to save money as well as to avoid possible confrontation on the streets. You might even want to outfit your delivery people with garb that cries out for solidarity and offer them a bit extra as "hazard pay." While all this might sound a bit opportunistic, the reality is that more people are ordering in, and we except this trend to continue and intensify. 

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