Friday, December 23, 2016

Top 8 New Products of 2016

Daily Insights 12/23/2016
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What's The Latest Food Take?

You probably don't know the answer, and if you are over 25 you may not even know what a "food take" is.

A "food take" is a passionate, emotional and quickly formed opinion shared on social media on a specific food or restaurant. A "food take" can be positive or negative, and these days may have severe consequences for a brand or restaurant.

Bomb sniffing dogs are out, plant bomb sniffing is in...

The Washington Post reports that MIT researchers have engineered a bionic plant that can detect explosives and send a warning signal — without wires!   

In a new paper in the journal Nature Materials, the scientists explain how they can turn plants into bomb-sniffing machines with the help of tiny cylinders of carbon that can detect "nitroaromatics" — chemical compounds often used in explosives.

The Top 8 New Products of 2016

Phil tastes and reviews thousands of products every year! For SupermarketGuru followers, this has remained one of our most popular series. Every product is evaluated and scored on taste, value, nutrition, ingredients, preparation, appearance, packaging, and sustainability, and Phil and our team create a video review for every product! 

We thought our readers would enjoy a recap of our top scoring products for 2016. Here are your top 8 new products for Phil's Food Reviews.

Low-Fat Latkes: Oxymoron or Possibility?

Starting Saturday night, Jews around the world light candles for eight nights, and celebrate by eating donuts or potato pancakes (latkes) fried in oil. Alas, fried foods, loads of fat, and the perils of simple carbs have made many celebrants re-think these foods, but clever chefs have forged ahead and made the traditional delectables lower in fat, yet still wonderful in taste. 

Phil's Food Reviews

Season & Steam Quick Cook Sprout Halves is MY PICK OF THE WEEK!

Just in time to keep the Brussels sprouts trend going. Now make them at home, in a microwave in 5 minutes. Open the bag, add your favorite spices, close the zip lock and press on. That easy and that delicious. Watch my full review.

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You can make $100 just by keeping a record of what you eat and drink, how much you spend and where you bought it, and how your food was prepared or if you ate it outside of your home. Easy! We want to see what a week of food looks likes for four different types of consumers. To be considered, please fill out the form below, so we can learn a little about you. 

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