Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Don’t Waste That Food!

Daily Insights 01/24/2017
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Don't Waste That Food!

Maybe shoppers just can't help themselves?

A report in CivilEats shares that there are some psychological barriers to reducing food waste. The report raises the issue that many of our own instincts—and our unconscious choices—often get in the way in reducing food waste and that recognizing these innate behaviors—they call them psychological barriers to reducing food waste—is a crucial step in moving toward a genuinely waste-free kitchen. 

8 Foods To Keep Diabetes Away

Help your shoppers keep their blood sugar balanced.

Diabetes is caused by an imbalance in blood sugar and impairment of insulin use, often called insulin resistance. Insulin is similar to a key that opens the door to let much needed fuel (glucose) into our cells. When we have too much blood sugar, due to diet and stress, insulin does not respond as well, and can lead to increased blood sugar readings and type 2 diabetes. High blood sugar is very inflammatory, and people with diabetes may develop serious complications such as heart disease, stroke, kidney failure, blindness, and premature death.

Fruits and Vegetables: The Five Colors of Well-Being!

A small Italian hypermarket informs consumers, combining the same time information on the convenience of offers and benefits that the consumption of fruits and vegetables lead to health.

Here as in southern Italy, IPERSPAR Rende, near the city of COSENZA (CALABRIA), enhances fruits and vegetables both by means of the traditional promotional offer and a concrete reference to the undoubted beneficial effects on the health of people.

On "page 12" of the promotional flyer, the one reserved to fruits and vegetables, stands an eloquent title: "THE 5 COLORS OF WELL-BEING"!


Phil's Food Reviews

Soy Vay Popped Rice Clusters Thai Style Peanut is a HIT!

A snack worth the bite! Just the right amount of spice with peanuts and rice clusters. These are delicious, satisfying and a lot better for you than many of those snacks on the shelf. Watch review.

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