Thursday, January 12, 2017

Fake Food News is Nothing New

Daily Insights 01/12/2017
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Who's Decision Is It Anyway?

It's human nature for consumers to develop habits and seek out foods that satisfy our intense cravings. And so companies create products that meet people's sensory needs, according to a CNN report. 

"Food companies are interested in selling products that people want," said Gail Civille, founder and president of consulting firm Sensory Spectrum.

The companies are trying to figure out what consumers want, and then they do testing to make sure the product has those elements in it -- and people like salt, fat and sugar." 

The holy grail for food companies is to find a food's "bliss point." 

Understanding the Paleo Shopper

This paleo diet is gaining momentum as studies support its significant benefits for those suffering from chronic diseases. 

If you're in the food business, you should probably familiarize yourself with the "caveman" diet. You're likely to encounter shoppers and diners swearing by the benefits of this meal plan that basically only allows for foods that were available to humans in the Paleolithic Era. That eliminates a great deal of those packaged, processed foods in the center of the store, but it opens up opportunity for focus on fresh produce, meats, and seafood. And if you're a grocerant, you may have the opportunity to feature items on your menu that cater to this diet.

Fake Food News is Nothing New

Guidelines for retail dietitians in helping shoppers navigate inaccurate claims and false information.

These days you can hardly avoid the stories about "fake news" on TV, on line or in print; and while many in the country are aghast at this revelation, fake food news has been around for decades.

How often has a shopper asked you about some product that they heard was a miracle cure on Dr. Oz, Mike Adams, Food Babe or the countless other websites and 'experts' that are selling their latest program or product? 


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