Friday, January 13, 2017

Influences for your Grocerant are on the Street

Daily Insights 01/13/2017
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Influences for Your Grocerant are on the Street

Many CPG companies have been mining street and truck food offerings for ideas to develop their supermarket products.

Charlie Taverner in his column on might just be offering supermarkets a path to grocerant success. 

Street food, he writes, has always been an urban phenomenon. A set of historical essays, aptly titled Food Hawkers: Selling in the Streets from Antiquity to the Present has chapters on ancient Rome, Naples in the 1700s, and modern-day Bangkok. The topline is that until recently, rich and poor city folk alike bought most of their food, raw and cooked, from stalls or wanderers on the streets. And many CPG companies including Campbell's and ConAgra have been mining these street and truck food offerings for ideas to develop their supermarket products. 


Value Your Employees With or Without Minimum Wage Laws

It's not just the employees that will appreciate better work conditions, your shoppers will too. 

Fast food workers (and supermarket employees as well) have proven they are not afraid to protest or strike for better pay and benefits. And as a result of the President-elect's choice for U.S. Labor Secretary, the "Fight for $15" movement was reported yesterday protesting the confirmation of Andrew Pudzer, head of CKE Restaurants Inc. In the past, Pudzer has been clear he does not support raising the minimum wage to $15/hour. However, it appears to be good time for fast food workers to negotiate a better package, even without government involvement.


Recipe for Grocerants: Short Ribs with Adzuki Beans & Jasmine Rice

More inspiration for your prepared foods department, from our archives, stolen with permission from Chef Carol Wallack.

SupermarketGuru wants to highlight some of our most popular recipes from our archives. Please enjoy this as inspiration for your prepared foods department or to use in your grocerant. Many consumers have enjoyed using these recipes, and we know your shoppers would love the convenience of being able to grab and go knowing they are full of whole food ingredients.

Phil's Food Reviews

Delta Blues Rice Grits is MY PICK OF THE WEEK!

I have to smile every time I eat grits, and they remind me of the scene in My Cousin Vinny about the time it takes to make terrific grits. Yes, these will take you 30 minutes to prepare, but you are in for a treat. Mississippi white rice is like no other and cooks up creamy as can be. Watch my full review.

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