Thursday, January 5, 2017

Superplants, Coca-Cola, Depression

Daily Insights 01/05/2017
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From Superfoods to Superplants

I'm not talking about nutrients to make our bodies stronger or healthier, but making the plants themselves supercharged to respond more efficiently to both light and shade through photosynthesis – one of those terms many of us haven't thought about since high school biology.

University of Illinois plant biologist Steve Long told VOA news, "It is the driving force behind all of life. Arguably, photosynthesis is the most important process on our planet." But it's surprisingly inefficient, no matter what our high school recollection might be.  

Plants turn sunlight, carbon dioxide and water into food  - that's photosynthesis. 

With food demand expected to grow by 70 percent by mid-century on a planet that is rapidly warming, researchers have been looking for ways to improve photosynthesis as a way to squeeze more productivity out of each plant.

How Retailers Can Handle the Soda Controversy

Coca-Cola is being sued by health advocates for misleading consumers. Can retailers help their shoppers sift through the controversy?

It seems as if life for soda just keeps getting worse. Slumping sales, consumers replacing their Coke and Pepsi habits with alternative beverages, warnings against sugar, soda taxes, and lawsuits. Last March, Fortune reported that overall soda consumption had dropped for the 11th consecutive year. And if you live in Philadelphia, buying a sugary beverage can cost you more than double now. In today's news, a lawsuit has been filed against Coca-Cola for misrepresenting to consumers the health implications of their products. 

Tomatoes, Natural Antidepressant?

Researchers believe tomatoes can reduce risk of depression by 52 percent.

What we eat has a direct effect on our emotional, mental, and physical health and researchers have known that a lack of antioxidants is related to the development of depressive symptoms. In a study published in the Journal of Affective Disorders, researchers explored the relationship between different vegetables, including tomatoes and tomato products, and depressive symptoms in a community-based elderly population. After analyzing their health records, researchers found that those who regularly included tomatoes in their diet were less likely to have depression.

Phil's Food Reviews

Ancient Harvest POW! Pasta Red Lentil Linguine is a HIT!

Red lentils and quinoa, that's the recipe for a protein packed and delicious pasta. Fourteen grams of protein in just one 2 oz. portion, and with a delicious taste and texture. Ancient Harvest is one of those plant-based brands that continues to impress with their foods. Watch my full review.

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