Tuesday, January 31, 2017

The Future of High Tech Farming

Daily Insights 01/31/2017
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What You Should Know About Open Agriculture Initiative

It's part of the MIT Media Lab and has a goal to create more farmers and code the future of food production.

Caleb Harper and his colleagues have developed the Food Computer, an open source hardware and software platform for controlled-environment agriculture that uses robotic systems to control for variables like climate, energy and nutrients inside the chamber, realizing Harper's vision of creating a climate that suits local needs, according to Motherboard

This food computer is basically a high tech greenhouse with computerized climate control systems, such as grow lights and humidifiers, and sensors to monitor oxygen levels, temperature and other climate variables. They don't grow plants in soil, but in a hydroponic or aeroponic system.   


Avoid Kidney Stones

Kidney stones are becoming a more common occurrence - find out some supermarket solutions for preventing stones to share with shoppers.

Diet and weight play strong roles in the development of kidney stones. Low fluid intake and high intakes of sodium as well as animal fat and proteins can contribute to kidney stones as well. Share the tips that follow with your shoppers to help them avoid this painful occurrence.

Beans, They Are Good for Your Heart!

This month in honor of American Heart Month, we're calling out the top foods for your heart!
The song we're all so familiar with as kids might very well be true, as eating beans regularly is good for your heart. A study published in the Journal of Nutrition suggests having just ½ cup of cooked beans daily might help lower cholesterol. Researchers point to the rich soluble fiber content of beans, which forms a gel-like substance in the digestive tract and combines with excess cholesterol to ferry it out of the body.

Phil's Food Reviews

Truvia Nectar Stevia Blend with Honey is a HIT!

For those Stevia lovers out there this is a new twist. A blend of honey, sugar, water and stevia. It tastes and has an aroma more like a high quality pancake syrup. Use about half as much as you would sugar or honey and the sweetness is certainly there. Watch full review.

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Are you concerned about animal welfare? 

With potentially significant changes in regulations when it comes to animal welfare practices by food manufacturers, we would like to hear from YOU, our consumer panel, on how YOU feel this could affect or not affect your purchasing choices. Let us know what you think in this short quick poll. 

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