Thursday, February 9, 2017

Facial Recognition is One of Our 2017 Trends

Daily Insights 02/09/2017
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Facial Recognition is One of Our 2017 Trends

It's time for supermarkets to look at the innovations taking place in fast food, around the world, and bring them to every supermarket in the country.

A couple weeks ago I had the opportunity to visit the Panasonic Innovation Center and facial recognition was a key element of the center - to help marketers understand the demographics of who is looking at what products, how they shop a store's department and for operators to understand traffic patterns. Now, according to TechCrunch, KFC in China is working on a new "smart restaurant" that will use facial recognition and factors such as age, gender and facial expression to suggest things a customer may order. 

How does it work? The image recognition scans a customer's face, looking specifically for information it can use to inform a food recommendation. It's interesting because it goes well beyond the typical demographics – age, gender, race, etc and will infer one's mood and detect repeat customers in order to provide suggestions based on their order history. 


Despite Technology, Home Cooking is Still An Old-Fashioned Practice 

With apps and online videos, you would think cooking methods have changed dramatically over the years, but homestyle cooking still wins.

What's cooking in 2017? Some say tacos, sea veggies, fermented foods, and even insects! And as food analysts make their predictions for what people will be eating this year, we wanted to find out how they are cooking.

Artificial Sweeteners 101

Need a quick reference guide when shopping in the supermarket?

What is Artificial Sweetener? Man-made products created to add sweetness to baking, cooking, and beverages. Helpful for restricted diets for weight loss or diabetes. Read on of your 101 on choices, how to buy, and how to read labels.


Phil's Food Reviews

Good Karma Foods Dairy Free Yogurt Blueberry is a HIT!

This yogurt, made with flaxmilk, is soy and dairy free and wow - the recipe and taste is phenomenal. One of the best tasting and nutrient rich brands you can buy. Watch full review.

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Are you concerned about animal welfare? 

With potentially significant changes in regulations when it comes to animal welfare practices by food manufacturers, we would like to hear from YOU, our consumer panel, on how YOU feel this could affect or not affect your purchasing choices. Let us know what you think in this short quick poll. 

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