Wednesday, February 8, 2017

In-Store Demos Have Dramatic Results

Daily Insights 02/08/2017
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What You Need To Know About Your In-Store Demos

Demos are easy, right? Outsource or do it yourself – the results are dramatic.

Increase sales, add excitement to the store and you are set. Easy. But a column by Peter Ubel on discusses how one's will power effects how quickly we respond to the taste of food – which just may change, and make more effective, the current ways we sample in store. 

Ubel writes that there is a trade-off we are often faced with when deciding what to eat. Some foods are bad for our health but happen to taste quite good. All of us have limited willpower, and when we are exhausted - those unhealthy foods become harder to resist. And how many shoppers are at their best when they are rushing up and down the aisles. 


13 Items to Add to Your Shopping List to Save Money

Looking for another way to save money while also boosting the nutritional profile of your meals?

Choose legumes! Which include beans and peas, navy, black, pinto and kidney to the more gourmet fava and cranberry bean. In the pea family, discover split peas or lentils, chick peas (garbanzo beans) and black eyed peas. Legumes are inexpensive, high in fiber, calcium, iron and also a great source of protein. Serve with a leafy green salad topped with colorful vegetables - think red, yellow and orange for a well-rounded, healthy meal.

Red Bell Pepper Will Lift Your Mood and 4 Other Valentines Foods You Need to Know

Here are five red fruits and vegetables that should grace your Valentine's Day plate for their many health benefits and superb tastes.

The red color in fruits and vegetables shouts phytonutrients, such as lycopene, ellagic acid, quercetin, and hesperidin, to name a few. These nutrients have been found to reduce the risk of prostate cancer, lower blood pressure, reduce tumor growth, lower LDL ("bad" cholesterol), scavenge harmful free-radicals, and support joint tissue.

Phil's Food Reviews

Post Cinnamon Pebbles is a HIT

OK this is just weird. Not the cereal - it's actually very tasty; but the package. It's gluten-free, but it says so on the top of the box, not where anyone could see it. And the ingredients are simple, no artificial preservatives, flavors - but they aren't saying it on the front. Watch review.

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