Friday, February 10, 2017

It’s All About the FOOD at the Potato Expo!

Daily Insights 02/10/2017
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It's All About the FOOD at the Potato Expo!

This is the kind of trade event that adds excitement to the industry and reminds us that it is all about the food!

Do you have a passion for potatoes? I do, and one of the highlights of my year is meeting the contestants and hosting the Spud Nation Throwdown at the Potato Expo. The 2017 Spud Nation Throwdown, held this year in San Francisco, was an exciting fusion of tastes, cultures and flavors as a diverse group of international chefs incorporated potatoes into dishes inspired by their distinctive culinary experiences.  

The App Review: chicken2me

Each week we review a food related app. This week it's chicken2me – find out what the Lempert Report thought.

What it says it does: chicken2me is the world's first chicken shop app! Whether fried, peri-peri, buffalo or flame grilled, chicken2me empowers chicken lovers to find their wings on the go or for delivery, whenever, wherever. It doesn't stop there! We want you to get involved in our community of chicken enthusiasts. Starting with London, the undisputed home of the chicken shop, chicken2me brings democracy to the wing with our flame rating system, helping YOU determine the best wings in the world. Read our full review.

Bone Health 101

We all know the bone strengthening benefits from consuming lots of dark leafy greens as well as other vegetables, fruits and dairy, but there is a lot more you should know.

Bones act as storehouses for minerals that we obtain through our diets and release them in response to signals in our blood. Cells in our bones called osteoblasts form new bone while osteoclasts break down and clear out the old bone. It's a delicate but perfect balance that occurs throughout the life cycle. The activity of osteoclasts begins to outpace that of the osteoblasts around our mid-thirties; which over time, results in weaker, more fragile bones. There are various things we can do to help delay bone loss and continue to maintain and even build bone density.


Phil's Food Reviews

Saffron Road Chickbean Crisps White Cheddar is MY PICK OF THE WEEK!

By now you have to know I'm a fan of Saffron Road - and so happy they are moving into the snack aisle. These multicolored crisps are made of chickpeas, lentil, pea and sweet potato with a touch of cheddar and are so good. Watch my full review.

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With potentially significant changes in regulations when it comes to animal welfare practices by food manufacturers, we would like to hear from YOU, our consumer panel, on how YOU feel this could affect or not affect your purchasing choices. Let us know what you think in this short quick poll. 

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