Tuesday, March 21, 2017

On To The Next One

Hired Sifting through online job postings isn't cutting it. Let this company find your next tech job for you.
The Smarter Way To Search For Jobs
(Hint: It's To Let This Company Do It For You)

If you're a software engineer, designer, data scientist or product manager, Hired is the single best place to find your next dream job.

How? Through Hired, companies apply to hire you, not the other way around. Highly-vetted companies (like Facebook, Under Armour and Stripe) vie for you, reaching out with salary and equity up front. No more sifting through thousands of postings, "picking brains" over coffee, and shooting off resumes into the email void. Just fill out one application, and they take the rest from there.

It's that easy! Hired even provides candidates with 1:1 coaching to help prepare prepare for interviews and get the best offer possible.

Literally, there is no reason not to try it:

• Completely free for job searchers
• Hide your profile from your current employers
• Salary/equity up front before any interview
• Get multiple job offers from 1 application

Your next dream job is out there. Are you ready to find it?



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