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27 Days To The Greatest Opportunity For Your Supermarket

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APRIL 2017

Grow With Grocerants - A Sizzling Opportunity: Sign up Now for May 21-22 Educational Summit at NRA Show in Chicago

The grocerant surge is all about supermarkets and c-stores pleasing customers in new, inventive ways. To differentiate stores and lift performance, nothing matches the tastes and styles of in-store dining. These destination hotspots add and lengthen store trips, boost in-store spending, and powerfully showcase food diversity and chef skills.  

Your #1 opportunity to transform stores and harness these plusses in 2017 is to register now for the upcoming Foodservice at Retail Summit. This annual event will also dive into the latest consumer and industry trends, and the must-have elements to create wining multi-sensory food and retail experiences.

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What Millennials Crave in Grocerants

Pay attention – they comprise 41% of supermarket foodservice ‘heavy users’

Grocerants that skew their food and design to Millennial tastes - as retailers tend to do – will lure traffic to their dining spots and stores for years to come. With homes and babies in their near future, older Millennials’ value to stores is rising.

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Yelp is a Grocerant’s Friend

Four ways to be proactive about your online reviews

How much should grocerants care or pay attention to Yelp reviews? There’s no question Yelp is one of the most popular review sites, as well as Google, Facebook and Amazon. Recognize your online reputation at a glance can secure or lose a customer. And these reviews, good or bad, provide valuable feedback for your business. 

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Q&A Profile – Tina Battistoni-Paul, Rich Products 

Foodservice@Retail: Grocerants interviews Tina Battistoni-Paul, Customer Marketing Manager-Prepared Foods, Rich Products In-Store Bakery and Deli Division. She addresses the versatility of sandwiches to satisfy many tastes, showcase great fresh ingredients available throughout the store, attract Millennials and more – with plenty of data-based insights.

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Q&A Profile – Randy Raymond, The Coca-Cola Company

Foodservice@Retail: Grocerants interviews Randy Raymond, Director of Retail Foodservice Strategy, The Coca-Cola Company.  He addresses beverage trends, merchandising innovations, and sophisticated consumer insights, which grocerants can apply to build sales.

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Pass This Issue to Senior Executives and Colleagues

The more they understand, the more they’ll appreciate the merits of grocerants

Want senior leaders and work peers to get behind your efforts to make grocerants the best they can be?

Pass along this issue – and future issues – to your bosses and colleagues, and suggest they subscribe for free right here

The more top execs understand your efforts, the better they can leverage the power of grocerants, and advance them as outstanding growth opportunities.

Once peers from other departments acknowledge what grocerants bring to the total store, the more they’ll cooperate.

Share the insights.  Shine the light on grocerants.  It will bring you closer to your goals.

Influences for your Grocerant are on the Street

Many CPG companies have been mining street and truck food offerings for ideas to develop their supermarket products

Charlie Taverner in his column on might just be offering supermarkets a path to Grocerant success. 

Street food, he writes, has always been an urban phenomenon. A set of historical essays, aptly titled Food Hawkers: Selling in the Streets from Antiquity to the Present has chapters on ancient Rome, Naples in the 1700s, and modern-day Bangkok. The topline is that until recently, rich and poor city folk alike bought most of their food, raw and cooked, from stalls or wanderers on the streets. And many CPG companies including Campbell’s and ConAgra have been mining these street and truck food offerings for ideas to develop their supermarket products. 

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Data to Digest in This Issue

41% of supermarket foodservice ‘heavy users’ are Millennials who purchase at least once a week.


 Consumers increasingly choose grocery outlets over restaurants - 43% vs. 33%. 

--Hartman Eating Occasions Compass Data 2016

66% of consumers express interest in freshly prepared cold and hot sandwiches, and say their top need-states are Fresh, Quick and Flavor Distinction.  

--Datassentials Supermarket Prepared Food & Beverage Keynote report, October 2016

Millennials seek more beverage variety than previous generations.  They drink 4.3 different beverage types a week vs. 2.5 for Gen X and older. They’re willing to pay 16% more for them.

--The Coca-Cola Company

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May 20-23, 2017


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