Thursday, June 15, 2017

Did You Forget Dad's Gift?

Thursday, June 15
8 Dad-Approved Gifts You Can Get On Amazon You're looking for gift? Pleased to meet you, Looking Foragift, we're Digg dot com. And if you liked* (*audibly groaned at) that, you're going to love these dad-approved gifts that will arrive by Father's Day.
Help Dad Travel In Style
...Or at least Dad's Disney character necktie styles can travel without getting wrinkled.
A Very Smart Smoker
Your dad isn't just the grill master, he's the smoke master, too. (At least in his own mind.) This smoker uses Bluetooth technology to let him power on/off, control cooking time, and check the internal meat temperature from his smartphone.
For The Road Trip Warrior
If no one likes road trips like your dad likes road trips, he will love Wildsam's comprehensive field guides. They're what Rick Steves would come up with if he grew a beard and started writing for Kinfolk.
A Pops-Approved Pour Over
Coffee nerds (both the dad-kind and otherwise) love the Osaka brewer because it uses a fine metal mesh cone, so you don't need filters.
For The Dad Who Knows The Importance Of Flossing
Gum disease, it's the secret killer we're not talking about. Will this water flosser help your dad live forever? Debatable. But it's worth a shot.
For Everyone's Favorite Fry Cook (It's A Deep Fryer)
Is there anything more fun than you and your dad battering up random things in your kitchen and seeing how they'll fry? Maybe, but we don't want to hear about it right now.
Pillows With Built-In Neck Support
Card idea: "Sorry for being a pain in the neck!" And that one's for free ;)
The Stovetop Pizza Maker Of His Dreams
If your dad is the original Papa John, hook him up with this stovetop pizza oven. It cooks up pies in just six minutes, and comes in handy on the off chance your dad doesn't already have a wood-burning pizza oven.
The Go-Anywhere, Do-Anything Speaker
If you owe most of your musical sensibilities to your old man, grab him this Bluetooth speaker. The sound quality is excellent and it's waterproof, so he can take it anywhere. Like a river stream, for example.

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