Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Lidl Opens in Trump Country

Food Delivery is Dealt Another Blow. What Can We Learn?, How Much 'Organic" Is Really Organic?

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German Discount Juggernaut Lidl Set To Open First U.S. Stores; Competitors Brace For Impact

Lidl will likely have long-term success but could face a shaky start.
We are just a couple of days away from the June 15 opening of Lidl's first stores in the United States - six locations in North Carolina, and the German chain is doing its utmost to shed the Aldi "me-too" image. Meanwhile U.S. supermarket executives are booking their flights to visit these stores to see just what they may be facing as the low-priced giant gears up for a larger roll out over the coming months and years. Full story...

Not Enough Time to Eat Lunch or Dinner?
Life-hacking is how Silicon Valley survives, whether it's a new software, device or food –their mantra is to make it simpler and easier. Allset lets you book a table at a restaurant, order your meal and pay for it before you even get to the restaurant's door

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Food Delivery is Dealt Another Blow. What Can We Learn? 
Late last month Sprig joined the ranks of Maple, SpoonRocket, and rumors are that Munchery is on its last legs. Sprig had one of the best funding of over $55 million. So what is going wrong? 

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How Much 'Organic" Is Really Organic?Thirty-six million pounds of soybeans, which originated in the Ukraine and Turkey, were priced like regular soybeans, and fumigated with pesticides. But by the time they reached California, they had been labeled as organic 

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QUICK POLL: Would You Eat Meat Grown in a Lab? 

Are your organization's execs tired of talking to themselves? Bring in Phil Lempert for fresh insights. Get info here.
Today's Must Reads

- Why are 30 year-old, vegetarian, non-smoking, engineers in Silicon Valley getting diabetes and heart disease?

- It turns out that when you give veggies sexy names, people buy more.

- These are the pretty Instagram food trends like Mermaid toast we're watching and what real effect eating them can have on the waistline.

- Nescafe opens a coffee shop that kind of makes fun of Starbucks, starting with the purposefully misspelled names on coffee cups.

- In Massachusetts, cannabis-infused pizza is offered to patients that don't want to smoke.
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